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July Book Recommendation: Ruby Red Trilogy

This is a new category to dive into on my blog but not at all an unfamiliar. I do read and I hope you love books as much as I do because I have a trilogy to recommend to you, Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. I will dive right into the three books and you can share your picks for the summer too so we can all have something new to read about. 

Ruby Red
This is the first book of the trilogy and it is a great introduction into the life of Gwen who is a teenager, living in London. Her family has a great history and is one of the oldest families in London. They also have a secret which is not something anyone outside the family knows about. Anyhow, the family comes from a line of ancestors who carry the time travel gene and this time it has been predicted to be a part of Gwen's cousin Charlotte. However, no one suspects anything until Gwen starts to experience nausea, a side effect of the gene and takes a leap in time. Unexpected time travel trips happen to those who are unprepared and Gwen must face an entire time traveler organization elite who pay close attention to history facts, write every note that time travellers experienced during their trips and organize the trips itself. In the organization headquarters she must take special classes so she can be prepared for her next trip. There she also meets Gideon, another time traveller.

Summer Shoes Trends

I have a weakness for shoes, that is no secret. If I could own a closet full of shoes and bags, I would have but then I'd had no room for others, more important pieces. Much easier is to store summer shoes, especially when they're flats because there is also more room for those. Even if you are limited with the storage, you can pile flats one on another and save the room. 

As said, open flats are everything I seek in summer shoes. They have to be comfortable too and fashionable, depending on what are they meant for. Otherwise, any ordinary flats for daily walks will do since they are the ones that will get worn off. In such case, I don't intend to spend a lot of money on such a pair. Better quality and appealing shoes get higher budget but you'll be surprised how many pairs you can find that suits everyone's taste and wallet.

Embroidery Top and Orange Pop of Colour

Back in April was when I found this lovely gem. It reminded me of a piece brought from three hundred years that was modernized to be worn today. We are all aware that everything is about embroidery these days but I have a soft spot when old meets new. A few seasons ago it was when baroque style was seen on the runways and now it's embroidery in every size and shape.